Welcome to Amitié Ménage

We understand that you work all day or even overnight, and you want to enjoy more time with your family, friends and relatives. You can do it now by giving the chore household to a professional and experienced team of Amitié Ménage.

Concerned about your well-being. Amitié Ménage provides the necessary equipment, and also provides liability coverage in case of broken items, accidents or damage, and you disengage you of any contract to sign.

The service is provided by franchised team highly trained in terms of service and handling of environmental housekeeping. img_1208692314_14998_1208692315_mod_65_138

Contact us now and we'll be happy to meet you without any obligation.


Depending on your budget and your needs, we can serve you in weekly basics, bi-weekly, tree, or four (4) weeks terms and even occasionally.

Our prices vary depending on the size and frequency of visits..



Peace of mind

Our motto is to make your life easier...

Our vision

Amitié Ménage
Leader of residential housekeeping, regular and casual, our goal is to provide exceptional service, careful while using green and biodegradable products, nontoxic (with no additional cost), so that together we will preserve our ecosystem and Your Health .
Wherever we go our ecological footprint is present.